Software control specialist separation lines, controlling the production, flow and distribution of orders and allocation of SKUs in automatic and semiautomatic lines.
Main characteristics:
Direct integration with PLCs physical control via TCP / IP or S7;
Data integration with any ERP or WMS market via WebService, database (SQL / Server, Oracle, etc.) or flat files (TXT / XML / CSV);
Picking by SKU or addresses and inventory;
Allows configuration of up to 30 stations per server to stream 300-1200 cases per hour;
Has no item limit for Picking List or station;
Order Start Automatic or Semiautomatic;
Allows you to use returnable boxes, boxes or final order;
Generating labels Start Order and shipment;
Integration with ERP / WMS event-driven, real-time;
Web Interface for Monitoring and Control of Line:
Statistical reports by the operator and station;
Allows the configuration of multiple Check weighter conference;
Supervision of integration events;
Supervision of automatic readings of the line scanners;
the screen simple and efficient conference.
100% integrated at the MAIS MFC , which permits the automatic classification by carrier volume , and other routes in the forwarding form wrappers .
Simple and efficient , a new operator can be trained in only 60 minutes and fully operate your station .
PBL allows the option displays for multiple SKUs sharing , generating cost savings in design , without losing speed in the process.
Supports Batch Picking up used with MAIS PTL .
Available in the following versions:
the MAIS PICKING PBL - picking - by-light, ie using drive displays and lights for guidance and confirmation by picking operator (Picker) . It is 100 % automatic , requiring no printing operation for picking list .
the MAIS PICKING PBM - picking -by -monitor , ie uses PCs and monitors at each station to guide the picking operator ( Picker ) . It is 100 % automatic , no need to print the picking list . Provides picking list on the screen in real time. The confirmation number is taken by the operator via the keyboard .
the MAIS PICKING PBL/PBM- using the best of both worlds and allowing cost savings in the project . Use a PC and monitor at each station for slow moving SKUs , with confirmation via keyboard and display technology for high SKUs and average turnover , and direct confirmation with quantities on displays . It is 100 % automatic without the need to print Picking List, available on screen in real time, contemplating the mixed operation of keyboard and display .
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