Expert system PTL (put- to-light) extreme versatility that allows the expansion of grade levels in sorters without any increase in the number of outputs of the equipment through the sharing of outputs or manual order picking or SKUs using PLACE iN LIGHT of technology.
The main applications and features are:
 - REVERSE LOGISTICS: where there receiving multiple SKUs mixed in one box or volume and is needed to separate them individually for restocking, each SKU is read by a scanner and the display on which position will be stored at the end of the operation each position will only one specific SKU and the display will be the aggregation of quantities of items separated.
 - ORDER PICKING: where we have many requests allocated in physical positions indicated by the display and the operator receives a box of a specific SKU, the system after reading SKU shows where and how the items should be placed SKU.
 - SHARING (SORTER): where we have to expand the capacity rating of sorters without any investment in the purchase or expansion of physical outputs, the MAIS PTL allows sharing those outputs to multiple destinations , such as distribution routes for transport , department stores , and other subsidiaries.
 - 100 % integrated with other products of MAIS .
 - Allows the use of consolidated picking ( BATCH PICKING ) together with MAIS PICKING.
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